In Supa Dupa Space Monkey, you will be avoiding asteroids while flying as captain Monkey sent out on a deep space mission.


Monkey Banana Jump is an html5 jump-as-high as you can kind of game. If you play it on your mobile device, you have two options

 You are the leader of a tank crew in a combat against Metal Animals. Sitting aside and watching the battle from the safe distance, you are commanding and managing the tank crew, by employing different animals

This plane is so simple to fly that even little monkey can do it.

Aliens are invading and the our only defense is Spunky vs Aliens.

Dog has stolen a chicken and now he's running away from the mad farmer who's trying to get hold of him. 

Crtterland was created on the ashes of human kingdoms.

You practically can't go wrong at the vet's office.

You may use this kitten as a cannon ball, not cool :).

Crazy Cat Lady is an old Granny who had lost all of her cats

Due to the latest news I've heard I am not so sure about 'Hello Kitty House Makeover'.

Just take a look how kitten used to look like at first and look at it now.

In Save the Penguin you play physics game by removing ice blocks in order to help the penguin to get to the ground.