This plane is so simple to fly that even little monkey can do it.


It flies by itself, while all you need to take care of are balloons and obstacles. To steer the plane, just click and hold the mouse as long as it takes. Collecting stars unlocks special planes with new characteristics. This monkey game is done in HTML5 so it's compatible with most of mobile devices, such as smart phones. Wish Tommy the monkey good luck in breaking new distance record!

This is mouse only game where basically all you need is a mouse click, or to tap with the finger on your screen in case you play this on some portable mobile device (such as your smart phone). With each click (or tap) the plane changes its course a little bit to the 'left'. To make longer turns, you may click and hold. The plane turns as long as you keep your mouse or finger pressed. The idea is to navigate towards the balloons in order to pick them up, or to avoid collision with obstacles.


  • fun simple and addictive
  • simple controls, easy to master
  • compliant with most of widely popular browsers for PC as well as for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, android smart phones...) HTML5 technology
  • 5 different airplanes in different colors (red, blue, cyan, light green and gray. Each perform differently. To unlock new planes you need to collect stars: 10, 25, 50, 100.
  • Unlimited time


  • collect stars for bonus points
  • make sure to collect all balloons to complete the level
  • stay away from story clouds - they're deadly
  • if you hit the obstacle only once, you instantly crash and the game is over. Good new is that you don't have to start from the beginning but from the last unlocked level
  • hitting the screen edge will bounce off the plane with no damage

About the author

BlackMoon Design is small game studio (counts up to 10 people) based in Poland. They are specialized in html5 and mobile games. Up to this moment they have between 10 and 15 games ready for sale.

Let's play Tommy The Monkey Pilot (YouTube video)