There are two orangutans who managed to escape from their cages

, but the adventure is not over for them just yet. They're still in a cave, and they both need to find the way out before they reach their freedom.

Unless you play this game with your friend, it's going to be tricky as there are separate controls for each monkey. It's not impossible, I am just saying that you would have to use both of your hands to controls both of them. In 'Orangutans Great Escape' the cave is full of traps and it is extremely easy to fall off from the platform right into the abyss, which is what you would want to avoid at any cost. Once that happens, you loose a life, and the level restarts. Let's see how far can you get.  

How to play

Oh boy. That orangutan is in prison, shedding rivers of tears, dreaming of jungle and freedom. You just gotta help him out that stupid cave. My suggestion is to find a friend who's willing to play this with you, to help you out in getting both monkeys out to safety. It's not possible to finish the game by moving only one monkey, because the screen won't translate to the right if you try that. Unless you move them both, you are stuck. Pink monkey is controlled with the arrow keys, while the brown one is moved with 'W', 'A' and 'D' keys. If you play lousy with your left hand, I suggest you always use the right hand and instead of controlling monkeys simultaneously, you should control only one at the time. At least that's what turned out to be the winning tactics for me.