You are the leader of a tank crew in a combat against Metal Animals. Sitting aside and watching the battle from the safe distance, you are commanding and managing the tank crew, by employing different animals depending on the situation on the battlefield. Cats are good for taking care of ground forces, while dogs are shooting grenades and can take good care of the aerial big boss attacks. A good strategy would be also to regularly do repairs whenever you get a chance for. Metal Animals is an html5 game which could also be played on your mobile device or tablet. Therefore, before every game round you will see an AD, which you may skip by clicking on small 'x' sign, if you like. 






How to play Metal Animals

Let's see how well you'll fit in a role of a tank commander. Your crew is a bit odd, it consists of couple of cats, dogs and other animals. They are all fine soldiers, diligently performing their duties. Dogs and cats are good at shooting and throwing grenades, but it is also important, if not crucial, to keep the tank in a good shape and preform regular maintenance repairs and fixes. That is exactly your job, to recruit crew properly, depending on the situation. Therefore, get ready for a lot more strategizing than combat.


With all these animals in your crew, it was really hard to point out at certain category and classify it. I might be grasping at straws, but the fact that gorillas are also showing up among other enemy ground forces, I decided to put it in <a href="">shooting monkey games</a>.


Video Walkthrough: Let's Play: Metal Animals Tank Combat  (YouTube video)