It looks and feels exactly as one of those old arcade machines with coin eating slots, where we used to hang around for hours, until we lost all our pocket money. Despite its pixelated graphics this is modern game, made in html5, optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Therefore, you can either shoot out bananas by mouse clicking or tapping at your touch sensitive screen. Whichever option you go with, the goal is the same: keep feeding one male and one female gorilla for as long as you can, because things will start to speed up with time.




How to play Bananamania

The concept behind Bananamania is extremely simple, as it should be if you plan on playing this on your mobile device. Such games usually include just single screen tapping and rarely swiping. Here we have two gorillas, one male the other female, positioned below and on top around one rotating circle which can shoot out bananas. Rotating gun starts off really slow, so you can, like me, easily jump into conclusion that this is some easy peasy game for babies. But it's not. With each tap or mouse click, monkey changes it's outfit (we get to see some really interesting fashion creeks) and causes the gun to increase in speed even more.

At the gun's front there's a counter which decreases with every shot, counting from 30 towards 0. When it gets close to 10, rotating speed is that significant that it is really hard to keep up with it and you can easily miss gorilla, despite the fact that monkey's size takes up significant portion of the screen. And that's the idea. Exactly that simple look and confidence you get from the beginning is what tricks you to think that it was going to be easy, but it's not.

We've seen what was the main concept behind the game, but the main assumption in the first place is that monkeys love to eat bananas above all. What do you think, how accurate is that? How many bananas single monkey can have for a day? The answer is that monkeys do like bananas but they tend to eat variates of other food, such as green leaves, all kinds of seeds and nuts. What I know is that they even like to eat meat. So, it all depends on monkey's age, size and bananas accessibility, but in general it is very likely to satisfy hunger of an average monkey with just several bananas, although the majority of people would say more than 20 or even 50 per day, which is simply not true. It is not recommended to feed monkeys in captivity with bananas, because bananas are high in calories and natural sugars and on the other hand, monkeys in captivity are limited in their movements.


Bananamania : How to beat level 1 (html5 game)  (YouTube video)