Dog has stolen a chicken and now he's running away from the mad farmer who's trying to get hold of him. 

Sooner or later either that's going to happen or the dog will run into something that will stop him immediately. When that happens, the game is over and you are offered to submit the score which actually represents the total mileage you ran. Not only you must watch over the obstacles, but from time to time you will run into large pits in the ground that you must jump over. Don't let the farmer catch you in a net. There might be another farmer ahead of you with the angry bulldog setting up the trap for you, flying airplanes, old water pipes, and more obstacles. They all show up randomly in an unpredictable order each time you restart the level. The game takes sharp reflexes and full concentration. It's one of those addicting games when you keep trying over and over again.

How to play: Eat bone to gain acceleration. Press 'left' and 'right' arrow keys to increase/decrease moving speed. Press 'up' arrow key to jump over the obstacle.