Crtterland was created on the ashes of human kingdoms.


Critters became the new race on Earth and they lived peacefully and happy. But evil never sleeps and forces of darkness attacked this new peaceful race. Critters never knew violence and were in trouble when attacked. But then a single hero emerged and stood tall to lead the Critters to freedom, beagle paladin, Paladog. You start by selecting a level and difficulty level you want to play. At the begging you have to understand some of the rules of the game. First you have to have food to make new units and mana to make magic spells. You can create simple units at first like sword armed mice and archer squirrels with bows and arrows. Later on you can unlock stronger units to help you fight against more resilient enemies to come. After each battle you can go to the shop and get some upgrades for your units, unlock new units, upgrade Paladogs magic weapons and then start another battle for the Criter Kingdom. Not all battles are the same and most of them you play using keyboard keys but there are those battles you can play only using your mouse, but that will be revealed to you at the right time. How to play Paladog? How to beat Paladog?

Basic controls you have to learn are A and D to move back and forward, J,K,L to use different magic weapons of the Paladog and number keys from 1-9 to create new and fresh units when you collect enough food for their production. Now, good luck and bring peace and prosperity to the Critters once again.