Just take a look how kitten used to look like at first and look at it now.

In just a couple of minutes an unbelievable transformation took place. What does 'Kitty Rescue Vet' tell us? To take care of your pets and they will return you with good health and nice looking and will always be ready for a play. This is a story about a little girl who finds a kitten on the street and decides to take it to the vet. As you know, monkeygamesworld.com sometimes put online cat games too. This one could be tagged as cats, kitten, makeover and dressup game.

Little girl's diary reveals a page with the 'adoption day', meaning that the kitty was probably found on the street. But look at it, it's in really really bad shape. Fur is in a mess, it's all dirty and full of thorns. God knows where this kitten was.

Going to the vet

Now you must take care of it and do everything it takes to bring the kitten back to normal condition. The girl knows nothing about cats especially if it's hurt, so she decides to pay a visit to a professional. She must see a veterinarian. As you can see from the poster hanging off the door, he's puppy rescue vet, but I am sure he can do something about this kitten too.

What to do? How to play?

As you can tell from the first sight, the kitten is not in the best shape. It's covered in thorns, fur is all dirty, and it probably needs a medicine or even a vaccine to start feeling better. You should shampoo it, clean it and dry it with a towel. Don't forget to check for broken bones and internal injuries on a scanner (hopefully there won't be any).

image of Kitty Rescue Vet: after the makeover

First take the sponge and make a good rub until the kitten gets all covered in bubbles. Than use a shower to take off the dirt. Than use a towel to dry the kitten's hair. Use pliers to get rid of a dozen thorns and put them in all, one by one, to a disposal container. Than goes the scanner, which shows a broken bone in the kitten's front leg. To get the bones fixed, just click on it and it'll get corrected. Wrap it up in a colored bandage. Use hair straightener to straighten up whiskers. In the end you can put on a nice little hat and a littel suite by your choice and the kittent will look all fresh and new.