Due to the latest news I've heard I am not so sure about 'Hello Kitty House Makeover'.


In 2014. news swept across the Internet, allegedly directly from Sanrio company, which is the maker of Hello Kitty character, that she really isn't (Japanese bobtail) cat but a girl called Kitty White, who lives somewhere in London. Personally, I didn't see the problem. If mickey is the mouse, Pluto dog, Tom is cat and Jerry mouse, why wouldn't Hello Kitty simply remain a cat, but well. When asked directly weather Hello Kitty is a cat or a girl, there is no straight answer. She is simply - something in between. But let us return to the game.

What is it about

Hello Kitty House is a makeover game for girls, and the subject is rather unpopular - cleaning your room. How many times did it happen that we played and played and after a while we realized that there is chaos all around: things everywhere, sheets of paper all over the floor, bowl lying upside down. Something similar happened to Hello Kitty. Her guests are about to arrive, and her place is in utter chaos. Your job is to return each thing to its place, dirty laundry in a hamper and paper and pizza cardboard box in a trash can. At the end you need to help Hello Kitty sweep and clean the floor. After that you need to dust the furniture. So, lots of cleaning, scrubbing and folding - everything we are usually too lazy to do. But who knows, perhaps this very game could help some of us to become a bit more responsible and tidy.


The game is made in three levels: First there is putting stuff away and dusting, then there is detailed cleaning with anti bacterial cleaners and air fresheners and finally the last step is decoration. Once the place is sparkling clean and you believe you are done, just press the 'done' button and see what happens. Afterwards you can also click the 'save' button and save the picture on your computer, show it to your parents, friends. You can also ask someone to print it out for you and hang it in your room - provided it is as clean and as tidy as in the picture!

Who or what is Hello Kitty?

And at the end, let me emphasize once more, Hello Kitty is not a cat! And what do you think ???