Crazy Cat Lady is an old Granny who had lost all of her cats

, and now she is running all around the house in an attempt to collect them.

Physics-based Platformer

Basically this is a physics game, where you control granny and try to remove all obstacles so the cat can eventually get into her basket by herself. Granny can move left and right, she can jump on platforms and if you press spacebar she can move boxes. If you arrange three boxes of the same color, they will disappear and the passage is secured. But you have to be careful not.

Mobile Market

No matter what happens, there is a button in the upper right corner for additional controls. You can mute the sound, restart the level or go back to the very beginning in the main menu.

The game was very convenient to port for mobile platforms as well, so now we have versions for Android and iPhone too. Video walkthroug was taken from the Android market, but there is no difference compared to the browser version.

Obstacles and faults

In this game besides the basic obstacles made out of boxes, we also have spike-laden pits, dangerous dogs, teleportation mirrors and many more. Take a look at screenshots below. However, besides all that the game went by completely unnoticed. Perhaps because the main hero is Granny, and perhaps because the controls are too slow. Somewhere among the comments I have read that it could be useful if this game could have had the fast forward button, so that you could move straight to the next level once you have solved the problem. That means that the cat is just moving to slow.

Crazy Cat Lady on YouTube